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About Firon Industries

Our Company

From its facility in Toronto, Canada, Firon Industries has been designing and manufacturing non-automated airbreak overhead switches since 1982.  Over that period, Firon has developed into Canada’s premiere and preferred supplier of switches and switch accessories for the high voltage electrical utility industry. 


Having developed the lightest, most durable and most advanced switches in the industry, Firon is recognized for its innovation and for its dedication to the advancement of new, superior quality products; and based on our proven track record, these products are certain to enhance the safety and simplicity of any high voltage operation.


The foundation of our success today is based on the hard work of our exceptional staff and the unwavering support of our Utility customers. 


Every Firon product is designed, developed, tested and manufactured right here in Canada. 


Firon also manufactures a complete line of switch accessories and other hardware items such as cutout and arrestor brackets, pole top extensions, dead-end clamps and stirrups.


The goal at Firon has and will continue to be to exceed expectations by producing the highest quality, most advanced overhead switches in the industry. 


We thank you for your continued support.   

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